Hiking in the valley of the Dades in the roses Valley

Hiking in the valley of the Dades or that of the roses, the gorges of the dades the foot of the saghro and in the lower valley of the Dades or in one of the most beautiful palmerai of Morocco that of Todgha.

Hiking Tours and Excursions to the valley of the dades from Amskou Kasbah whose owner is a mountain guide, who knows all Morocco as his pocket.

He will restore this Kasbah to accommodate those hikers and traveler.

Love to his craft to give him the idea to share his knowledge and his expertise with visitors from the Berber country.

Several Walks Excursions and Hiking à la carte its possible an email is enough to study the estimate of such activities.

On the spot it is possible to make day trips by mountain bike, Donkey or Mule or even dromedary.

Southern Program