Morocco The raod of the Dades Gorge and Todra-Todgha Gorge



  Morocco The raod of the Dades Gorge and Todra-Todgha Gorge .the N-10 road at the entrance of Boumalne Dadès. By this road. The road continues in continuation by other interesting landscapes, like the formations of conglomerate and the kasbahs of Aït Larbi and Mohadach One reaches a more important track which one takes on the right. On the right she goes to Tamtattouche. among others. the track that connects the Dades and Todra gorges between Tamtattouche and Msemrir. (The loop of the gorges) start with the Dades gorges then night towards Boulmane or Tinherir or even better: the next day the gorges of Todra. enter the gorges of Dades, exit by Tamtattouche, take the road to TIneghir. The track via Tamtatouchte has an absolutely impractical part for a non 4 * 4 vehicle. In 4 * 4 as by car, counting the stops and visits, it takes a good day. The loop that can join the dades todgha is possible only with a good 4X4, or on foot