Morocco hike with the nomads of the Atlas Transhumance to the South


  Morocco The return of the transhumance of the nomads of the Ait Atta tribes from the highlands of the Atlas to the Dades valley.

From the North side of the Atlas, 10 days of hiking will allow you to follow the moving caravan mixing families and herds. A rare moment of encounter with authentic Morocco.

In exchange for these summer pastures, the Ait Atta invite shepherds from the villages of this part of the High Atlas to transhume to the Jbel Sarho, in the fall, to spend with their herds a warmer winter in the pastures of the pre-Saharan. The heights of the Atlas are then covered with snow. Transhumance can not be considered a classic hike. It is an experience that requires following the requirements of a caravan made up of a family and a huge flock. The route, the cutting of the stages, are chosen according to the herd, the nomadic family, the climatic conditions of the moment. We live with the family and participate in daily tasks: help load camels, collect wood, fetch water, lead the flock, prepare meals, bread, drink tea simply, laugh LAUGHING.