Morocco desert birding watching tours guide itinerary available tagdilte track


Morocco desert birding and watching tours guide itinerary available tagdilte track . Bird Valley is the eastern Dades Valley the national park in Morocco to find and watching birds of the desert and half-desert.

The bird most ask for observation is Courvite Isabelle can be observed in the vicinity of Targuitte.And the lark desert which lies to the north of the valley of birds.

The lark desert can also be seen on the Tagdilte paved road. (Sirli of the desert).

ALOUETTE more GRILL Lark and Lark can also be observed in different places especially to the boumalne Dades discharge, there can also watching eagle boneli.

Alouette clotbey is a little difficult to locate but its habitat recommend we watching  there next to the station inov going on Tagdilte track.

The sandgrouse and ganga unibande can be seen on the road by Ikniouie against the Owl Grand Duke evry body  will dwell in the ravine towards imitate.